DARE-DARE offers to all his members and friends

The reception of invitation postcards, a price reduction on all the publications of the center, an invitation by the annual general assembly, the opportunity to contribute to the vision and to the dynamism of DARE-DARE.

DARE-DARE offers to the active members:
The voting right by the annual general assembly, the possibility of introducing projects and of participating in committees

DARE-DARE offers to the members of support:
If desired, the public recognition of their support

I become active member of DARE-DARE and I offer my spare time and/or my resources for...
Help in the assembly / dismantling of an exhibition to accommodate an artist exposing / to help DARE-DARE with my vehicle in the transport (material, artists, etc.) / make of the occasional guarding of exhibition / to help the organization’s annual fundraisers.

Annual contribution: $20

I become friendly honorary of DARE-DARE.

Annual contribution: $50 or more.

I want to receive the mailings of DARE-DARE without benefiting however from advantages to be a member.

Annual contribution: $15



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Phone : 514.849.DARE (3273)
E-mail : info (at)