Past Projects

October 14, 2019
ESTELA LÓPEZ SOLÍS MONTRÉAL ~ HAVANA : rencontres en art actuel/encuentros de arte contemporaneo/encounters in contemporary art is an exchange project aiming to foster exhibits, production and dialogues between artists and cultural workers from Cuba and Montreal.
September 25, 2019
VIVA! ART ACTION Once more this year were favoured practices of site-specific action art which incorporate an awareness of space and duration as formal and conceptual aspects of the work.
September 25, 2019
LA COUR After investing DARE-DARE's public poetry billboard for several months with their own words, Gabrielle Giasson-Dulude (G) and Nicholas Dawson (N) begin their duology by gradually stitching together a common poetic backyard from those known throughout their lives.
September 23, 2019
Víctor Piverno MONTRÉAL ~ HAVANA : encounters in contemporary art is an exchange project aiming exhibits, production and dialogues between artists and cultural workers from Cuba and Montreal, which will unfold in two moments : in Montreal (Spring and fall of 2019) and in Havana (Fall 2019).
September 20, 2019
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING we invite you to our upcoming General Assembly this coming Friday, September the 20th at 6.00 pm. @ Les Ateliers Jean-Brillant.
September 14, 2019
VILLA DARE-DARE hosts Villa, the contemporary art truck supported by Verticale Centre d'artiste. Will be displayed projects by Roby Provost Blanchard, Pascale Théorêt-Groulx, Galerie Galerie, Les Oracle.sss, Janie Julien-Fort et Lagueux & L’Ecuyer !
September 12, 2019
recap on SATELLITE MEXICO It is with enthusiasm that DARE-DARE invites you to its Back to SATELLITE MEXICO, a friendly meeting to trace the retrospective of a fantastic experience. with Patrick Beaulieu, Sylvie Cotton, Martin Dufrasne, Nicole Fournier, Estela López Solís, Sonia Pelletier and Jean-François Prost
July 20, 2019
ALTÉROPHILIE ou Les Jeux de Force de Fritta Caro | Second occupation : PUTTING THE SHOULDER Fritta Caro picks up the weightlifter's first movements, to create the Altero(s)philie; a treaty on the love of others.
July 10, 2019
La Halte - Summer 2019 Pavilion of reference and reflexion on art in Public Space
July 1, 2019
GABRIELLE GIASSON-DULUDE On the billboard will lay beasts, half asleep beasts, attentive to the to and fro movements of their stomachs.