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January 23, 2013 - February 21, 2013
Sub-project of:
May 25, 2013

Deadline : February 21st, 2013

The artist-run center DARE-DARE, dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary artwork, would like to invite emerging artists and its artists members to participate in this year's edition of PASSEPORT DARE-DARE !


Eligibity - Emerging Artists :

– Still be in school, in visual arts and/or graphic design or starting a practice in street art, illustration, comic, Low Brow

- Be available during the two night PASSPORT event activity on May 25th from 10am to 10 pm


Eligibility :

- Be or becoming a member of DARE-DARE ( To have paid your $20 annual contribution by March 31st)

- Be available during the PASSPORT event activity on May 25th from 10am to 10 pm

This activity, a cultural event and fundraiser, consists in selling empty « passports » in which the artwork/artist works are stamped, during the two fundraisers before the event, and throughout the PASSEPORT event.

For an afternoon's time, participants are invited to roam around the Quartier des Spectacles, within the vicinity of the DARE-DARE trailer, visiting artists in various commercial and non-commercial spaces. The pieces accumulated in the « passports » throughout the day make for a unique collective artwork, perfect for collecting! As part of this year's event, DARE-DARE is inviting emerging artists to propose a 2D piece in relation to their practice. The goal is to transpose one's art practice into a 2D piece. Artists may also propose a sticker, a photo that would be glued, a seal, a postal stamp, a performance, or any other medium that would leave a mark on paper. (For examples, look on the website:

In order to promote and finance this project, two fundraisers party will take place on the March 22nd and April 26th. Throughout those evenings, the selected artists (1 from UQÀM and 1 from Concordia on the 22nd and 1 from Street Art on the 26th) will stamp their piece in the participants' passports. DARE-DARE offers the fabrication of the stamp and the required ink. (If the artist proposes a different medium, DARE-DARE will pay the equivalent of $40.00 in materials- the same as the budget for an artist stamp)

- A description of your proposal in relation to your normal art practice, approximately 150 words.
- An original illustration drawn exclusively for this project. The document must be a vectorised pdf or a jpg 300 dpi 3 X 5 inches maximum.
- The desired ink colour for your piece.

Send everything before February 21st, 2013 at

For more information, contact or call us at 514 849 3273

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