Camila Vásquez

August 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022
October 15, 2022
Camila Vásquez is hosted by DARE-DARE to conduct a residency until the end of September. A public presentation of the developed project will follow.

 tell my dreams and this is what I want to do now: "I was in Montreal working with DARE-DARE on a project based on my dreams. The principle was that from what I had dreamed the day before, I would go around the city looking for leads, messages, synchronicities, connections between my dream mode and what happens in reality. The dream was the starting point to go and find meanings or resonances with the outside world. I saw myself in deep conversation with the owner of a convenience store, entering a public library, exchanging with passers-by, wandering. Towards the end of the day, I was walking quickly up the steps of an old building and into a small community radio station where they were waiting for me to do a program called News from the Unconscious. Based on the information I had gathered during the day and a subjective reading of my dreams, I would imagine news from the collective unconscious. The facilitator and I would reflect and dialogue about these stories, which, without coming from a reliable source and without the pretension of being objective, could reveal another form of truth."

Camila Vásquez

Starting this year with Chilean-born artist Camila Vásquez, the CONFLUENCES residency, a DARE-DARE initiative, aims to host an artist from Quebec for an 8-week period each year, allowing them to explore and get to know the Sud-Ouest, making it a place of renewal and creation.

The artist will work primarily in his or her host location, the Saint-Henri district, but also in a temporary apartment set up by artist Douglas Scholes, a long-time accomplice of DARE-DARE.

CONFLUENCES, a three-year cycle of annual two-month residencies during which an invited artist develops an original project nourished by the specific context of the neighboring neighborhoods that host DARE-DARE, is made possible thanks to the extraordinary support of the Sud-Ouest Borough.

Camila Vásquez is an interdisciplinary artist of Chilean origin. She lives and works in the countryside with her husband and three children in the Eastern Townships, on ancestral lands of the W8banaki Nation, the Ndakina. She has been working in the arts since 2005 as an artist, teacher, curator, mediator and cultural worker. Her artistic practice is rooted in the observation of given places or territories where she seeks to render sensitive what is already there, in its material, intangible and affective dimensions. Her approach is based on currents of benevolent communication. Her influences include the thinking of David Tomas, Sylvie Tourangeau's vision of the performative as a way of life, the infiltrating art of the 3rd Imperial, as well as numerous research projects that focus on the links between art and life. His work has been presented in various centers, events and galleries in Argentina, Chile, Spain and Quebec, as well as autonomously or furtively.

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