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Foire d'Art Alternatif de Sudbury (FAAS)

May 4, 2016 - May 8, 2016

DARE-DARE is proud to participate in the Fair of alternative art in Sudbury (FAAS), where more than 30 artists will occupy and transform a public space in the downtown core of the nickel capital.

Under the theme ABRICADABRI, DARE-DARE has selected the artist Geneviève Rousseau to present a project throughout the week. Here is her approach and biography, other information will follow soon.

Artistic statement

The approach of Geneviève Rousseau is a territory where art meets architecture to give the latter the opportunity to express what is not allowed. Thus the aberrations of the ordinary, of obsession and compulsion, of surreregulation and normative are shaped. This territory becomes an opportunity to transform the lot of constraints related to architectural practice into design vectors that translate into tectonic assemblages, lighting devices and functional transgressions that fuel an architectural practice sometimes stuck in preconceived ideas. This territory is not a breeding ground dedicated solely to architectural design but also a way to allow art to manifest outside the agreed exhibition venues. The idea is to bring the spectacular into the inhabited space with devices belonging to the art or the corporation, to stage the unique character of who uses space so that he.she can uses it in his.her own way, following his.her mood. Proposing an more subjective than generic architecture.


Educated in environmental design, carpentry and architecture (master's degree), Geneviève Rousseau has been working for more than 15 years in the field of architectural design. Alongside this discipline, she shares time and expertise in the implementation of artistic installations as a technical consultant, collaborator within collectives as well as individually.

Past Projects

April 20, 2016
March 30, 2016
February 10, 2016
Claire Burelli
November 25, 2015
October 19, 2015