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SATELLITE, a decade of transcontinental explorations

August 6, 2022 - August 25, 2022
It is now possible to order the book here.

The publication SATELLITE retraces the first trajectories of a program of cross-border artistic explorations initiated in 2011, outside of our Montreal anchor territory. More than a retrospective visual panorama and a presentation of ephemeral works produced in three very different urban contexts (Detroit, Tijuana, Mexico City), the book proposes a series of recent observations in which the artists involved and their allied hosts revive deep memories, trace the paths of thought and experience, reveal the traces left in their creative practices and intellectual reflections, and even reveal the repercussions on their career or artistic mission. SATELLITE is a trilingual publication (English, Spanish, French).

La Quiñonera (Mexico City), Espacio Cultural Observatorio (Tijuana), 27th Letter Books (Detroit) and DARE-DARE (Montreal) are pleased to host a special presentation of SATELLITE with several of the anthology's authors and artists. These will be special events during which Martin Dufrasne, DARE-DARE's art program coordinator, will review the ten-year SATELLITE initiative.

The book will be available for purchase at a special introductory price.

SATELLITE, a decade of transcontinental explorations

Montréal – Détroit – Tijuana – Mexico (2011-2021)
Under the direction of Martin Dufrasne
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19 authors :

Louis Aguilar, Patrick Beaulieu, Adrian Blackwell, Jason Botkin, Constanza Camelo-Suarez, Cog•nate Collective (Misael Diaz and Amy Sanchez Arteaga), Sylvie Cotton, Martin Dufrasne, Peru Dyer Jalea alias Peru143, Nicole McDonald-Fournier, Daniel Godínez Nivón, Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola, Lourdes Lizardi López, Jerry Paffendorf, Sonia Pelletier, Jean-François Prost, Néstor Quiñones, Nicolas Rivard, Douglas Scholes.

  • Trilingual (French, English, Spanish)
  • Many illustrations (178 reproductions including 140 color photographs)
  • 420 pages
  • Graphic design by Marie Tourigny

Launch schedule


La Quiñonera
Santa Cruz 111, Amp Candelaria, Coyoacán

6th of August, 6 pm

with the presentation of :
Martin Dufrasne, Daniel Godinez Nivon, Lucia Hinojosa Gaxiola,

José Miguel González Casanova and Víctor Muñoz


dj Felipe Q



Espacio Cultural Observatorio - Antiguo Cine Bujazán
Av Constitución 1337, Zona Centro

10th of August, 6 pm

with the presentation of :
Martin Dufrasne, Lourdes Lizardi Lopez, Cognate Collective.


Jazzy Latin Groove Tijuana Trio



27th Letter Books
3546 Michigan Ave

13th of August, 6 pm

with the presentation of :
Martin Dufrasne, Louis Aguilar,

Jazmine Kuyayki Broe, Evaluna
and Sam Falik




Parc Vinet, Petite-Bourgogne

25th of August, 5 pm

with the presentation of :
Martin Dufrasne, Patrick Beaulieu, Douglas Scholes,

Nicole McDonald-Fournier, Jean-François Prost,
and Sylvie Cotton


dj Philemon


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