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Faire partie du décor

April 20, 2016 - June 28, 2016

As a designer, I often use Google to find characters that will be inserted into a perspective, that is, an overview that shows a proposed design. These characters are intended to animate these images and indicate the scale. What is needed is to describe in a factual way the character we are looking for, download it, cut out its outline in Photoshop and then insert it into his perspective.

I began to question myself about this exercise because I had the impression of extracting these individuals from their daily life, of appropriating them by taking them out of their context. Without it, they are just quidams without existence.

The proposed descriptions are therefore 10 examples of Google searches that I made. As part of the Public Writing component, the individuals described were removed from the context in which they were photographed. Through the imagination of the passer-by who will read their description, these characters will be materialized again in a different context, that of the space surrounding DARE-DARE trailer, as if this space became a life-size perspective.


Odile Joron is a multidisciplinary designer based in Montreal. She has been involved for three years in various collective and individual projects at outdoor festivals and public art competitions. In the context of these events, she designs and produces participatory activities and installations.

She is mainly interested in the concept of space, and is inspired by her daily life, history and popular culture. Her projects tend towards the transformation of concepts into lived spaces.

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