ODYSSÉE (2004-2014)

an historical sightseeing tour

September 12, 2015

ODYSSÉE celebrated the first 10 years of the projet d'articulation urbaine : Dis/location of DARE-DARE (2004 to 2014) and the continued presence of the Centre in the public space. Through a performative journey bringing together artists Caroline Boileau, Patsy Van Roost, Daniel Canty, Nadège Grebmeier Forget and the duo of Christian Bujold and Anne Parisien, Manon Tourigny guide the audience from one site to another, remembering the big issues DARE-DARE has met from the Viger square to the esplanade of the metro Saint-Laurent in theQuartier des spectacles.

A festive day in collaboration with the Collectif N. & M.

Schedule | Free Ride by bus | Limited places:

10 am: Square Viger; appointment at the corner of Berri and Viger - Christian Bujold Performance with Anne Parisien 

11:30 am: Parc Sans Nom; Patsy Van Roost intervention 

2 pm: Cabot Square; Flash-mob in the Place Alexis Nihon, with Laura Secours (alias Nadège Grebmeier Forget) 

3 pm: Walter Stewart Park; Occupation by Caroline Boileau 

4 pm: Esplanade metro St-Laurent; Commented reading by Daniel Canty 


Inauguration of the new decade


5 pm: Atwater Market; Exhibition LA DISLOCATION DE DARE-DARE in collaboration with the Sud-Ouest borough

6 pm:  DARE-DARE: Launch of the publication 3 DIS/LOCATION and celebration of the 30th anniversary of the center 

NOTE that to live the full experience ODYSSÉE course, the presence on board of the bus is more than highly recommended. Moreover, the strollers are welcome at all times of the day to attend the performances BUT we do not guarantee the possibility of taking along the way.  

DARE-DARE and curators wish to thank all the participating artists, 

also: Pierre and Annie d'ATSA, Claude LeBel, Jean-Charles Claveau, Jacques Rajotte, Odile Joron-Charbonneau, L'Atelier d'Argentine (Old Port), The Three Sisters, Première Moisson, Les fruits de la relève, Les serres Jasmin, Willy Heack et Fils_producteurs horticole, La fromagerie Atwater, Pure horticulture du marché Atwater.

ODYSSÉE received the support of the Cultural Initiatives Program: Interventions in the public space of the Ville-Marie

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Past Projects

July 29, 2015
Josée Yvon Josée Yvon (1950-1994) is considered by many as the most dangerous writer of Quebec. Danseuses-mamelouk, published in 1982 by VLB editor, resume her first two books (Filles-commandos bandées, Herbes rouges, 1976 and La chienne de l’Hôtel Tropicana, Cul Q, 1977) by adding a unique section.
July 7, 2015
PERFORMANCES INVISIBLES 50 first performances. Creation of the conceptual artist Steve Giasson, entitled Performances invisibles, as part of “Micro-interventions in public space”. This extensive and very ambitious project will take place over a full year. In total,130 performances will be reenacted!
July 1, 2015
Janie Julien-Fort DARE-DARE and Verticale — centre d’artistes join forces to produce a project by Janie Julien-Fort, Sites under Surveillance. The artist makes use of a technique called solargraphy—a photographic process requiring exposure times that often span several months.
June 3, 2015
Marie-Line Laplante I draw sentences from grammar books. Each time I open a grammar book I am stuck by the italic and bold type sentences used as grammatical illustrations. I often set aside the rules of the book and become obsessed by the lost sense of the sentences so sacrificed for grammatical purposes.
May 9, 2015
Dis/location 6 - In front of the Atwater Market DARE-DARE is moving on May 9th, 2015!
March 25, 2015
Chloé Beaulac I want DARE-DARE’s trailer to be perceived as a pit stop on a journey to nowhere. I chose excerpts from my personal travels on the roads and highways of Quebec, captured moments that seemed to me to be capable of reinventing the trailer’s function.