December 10, 2016

DARE-DARE has proposed to articulate its 2016-17 programming, around the notions of the collective and the Common, with Rendez-Vous Society as a title. We enjoined artists to base their interventions on common, day-to-day realities and interfere in the social environment through projects that generate meetings and which address the concepts of exchanges, transmission and sharing.

Sylvaine Chassay, Maggy Flynn, Victoria Stanton, Roberto Santaguida and the trio formed of Ilia Krouglikov, Sarah Dell'Ava and Wolfram Sander are the artists of this ongoing programming. To discuss their respective project, we invited the philosopher Erik Bordeleau who will act as moderator and theorist of the issues encountered during the last year.

Let's gather at Les Ateliers Jean Brillant @ 3pm on Saturday, December 10th, for two hours of round-table open to discussion and sharing of experiences.

*  *  *  *  *  *

A HUGE thanks to Jean Brillant and Guillaume Allyson for their prodigious hospitality. We have just learned that Café Rose-de-Lima couldn't be our venue as planned. Fortunately, the Ateliers Jean Brillant are welcoming us so warmly to held this round-table. What a wonderful neighborhood! 

By the way, take this opportunity to visit the ongoing exhibition LES ATELIERS JEAN BRILLANT ONT 10 ANS which ends on the same day. With: Phil ALLARD, Guillaume ALLYSON, Simon BEAUDRY, Steffie BELANGER, Jean BRILLANT, Réal CAPUANO et Guy SIOUI DURAND, COZIC, DUO COUTURIERLAFARGUE, Anik DE REPENTIGNY, Alexandre FAUSTINO, Élaine FRIGON, Peter GNASS, Guy LAPOINTE, Réal PATRY, Élisabeth PICARD, Benoit TROTTIER, Amand VAILLANCOURT et Erik WEST-MILLETTE.

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