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Simon Brown - Questions posées en vue d'une réponse définitive

Questions posées en vue d'une réponse définitive

May 24, 2012 - August 1, 2012

Can the artistic gesture take the form of a question, and not that of a statement? It is this question that is at the origin of the project Questions posées en vue d'une réponse définitive, of which I present here ten extracts.

I decided to answer it not by an actual answer, but by asking other questions, questions that were asked during a few months of walks in the forest near my place of residence. Very early on in this process, the idea came to me that these questions, posed in a rural context without interlocutors or reception, could be presented in a context diametrically opposed to it, an urban context of incessant reception.

Simon Brown has been practicing interdisciplinary arts since the late 1990s. Holder of a master's degree in interdisciplinary arts and several times a CALQ grant fellow for performative, textual and trans-media projects, he gained a teaching experience in university, museum and community contexts. Brown is interested in the language, the almost imperceptible and the emancipatory possibilities of failure. His work has been presented in several forms: performance festivals, poetry books, billboards, newspaper pages and conferences. He lives and works in Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Montérégie.

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