Je n'ai pas dit mon premier mot

November 23, 2016 - February 14, 2017

I really like the yellow sign. I like its free side and its democratic effect. Finally an invitation to read a message in the public space that is not an advertisement, but simply a sentence that contains its own code of reading.

The yellow sign thwarts the idea that everything must have a reason for being and a easily identifiable function. Because art is freer than expected, I want to present simple everyday sentences. Small moments in words.

I love the displacement that the yellow sign operates: rather than a menu of the day or the price of rooms in a motel, the passer-by can read my sentences, simple and concise, whose only goal is to give back a little moment of the present.

I just want to let the reader-passer-by pass, do his/her work of perception, reading and interpretation. When a sentence pops up where we did not expect it.



Sylvie Laliberté lives and works in Montreal. She writes words and creates images. Her work has been presented in several art centers and museums in Quebec and internationaly. She has published three books: Je ne tiens qu'à un film, mais c'est un très bon fil in the fall of 2015, preceded by Quand j'étais Italienne at Editions Somme toute in 2013 and Je suis formidable mais cela ne dure jamais très longtemps at Les 400 Coups editions in 2007. Sylvie Laliberté also writes songs that she sings at home. She produced three albums of songs.

Past Projects

September 14, 2016
September 2, 2016