Vidéo Paradiso

October 3, 2004 - November 27, 2004

October 3 to 18 and November 9 to 27, 2004
at Viger Square

Inspired by Pops caravan that nourishes the heart as well as the body, Video Paradiso wants to feed the spirit of the street youth of the big cities as well as the young people of the native communities.

The Video Paradiso is created for these young people. To offer them a place of dreams without consumption, a place where to meet between siblings, a place of expression, learning and valorization. A place to "hang up", a way of reinsertion, in their own way.

Unique and innovative project that goes to the places where young people like to meet, Video Paradiso consists of mobile units equipped with everything you need to create: a small recording studio, four computers and their editing software, a monitor to watch movies, a projector and a screen to allow public screenings, a coffee machine and the essential popcorn machine!

Thus equipped, the Video Paradiso strolls the heart of the cities of Quebec and Montreal, offering street youth the opportunity to achieve, alone or in groups, video documents or music recordings.