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  • DARE-DARE under construction

    DARE-DARE under construction
    projecting dis/location 7

    The open-air exhibition presents the results of research carried out in partnership by the École d'architecture de l'Université de Montréal and the artist-run center DARE-DARE.

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  • La ville divergente

    La ville divergente
    Outdoor screening

    After the workshop The Divergent City involving the artist Jean-François Prost, the RAIQ (Regroupement des arts interdisciplinaires du Québec) invited the public to an outdoor screening of the contexts visited and studied by the participating artists.

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  • 202 500 steps in the city

    202 500 steps in the city
    Public screening

    Come and take part in the reflexions of artists following their experimentation in the contemporary city, as seen through different theoretical lenses as well as spatial, social et political practices.

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  • Jean-François Prost

    Jean-François Prost
    Workshop — Spaces and situations in the contemporary city

    Participants of this workshop will explore the contemporary city through different spatial, political and social theories and practices.

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  • Aménager-Communiquer

    Neighborhood experience and innovation

    This conference-experience is dedicated to the issues of communication in public space. The discussion between representatives of the academic, community and artistic communities is accompanied by a visit to the DARE-DARE artist-run center.

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    Phony Monuments - Hygienic update May 2020

    The heart of the "Phony Monuments" project is an audio-guided tour in the south of Montreal, which follows an itinerary comprised of different stops in the neighbourhoods of St-Henri, Griffintown and along the Lachine Canal.

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  • AU TRAVERS DE : incursions, gestes et postures

    AU TRAVERS DE : incursions, gestes et postures
    Exploratory Laboratory on Performative Urban Interventions

    A program presented by the collective L'Araignée (Kamissa Ma Koïta, karen elaine spencer, Helena Martin Franco, Noémi McComber).

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    Wanderer : (re)Marking

    The project approaches the Lachine Canal as an entity, seen through the eyes and actions the Wanderer, a character created by the artist Douglas Scholes.

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    Repair and abnormality

    The starting point of the artwork is to locate urban furniture elements that are damaged in order to perform «repairs» on them. This operation initiates an artistic gesture where the repairing partly dictates the choice of shapes, scales and materials. The objective is to position my sculptures as prostheses replacing the missing or broken parts of selected objects.

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  • Janie Julien-Fort

    Janie Julien-Fort
    Sites under Surveillance

    For the project, the artist makes use of a technique called solargraphy—a photographic process requiring exposure times that often span several months.

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  • Kandis Friesen

    Kandis Friesen

    This project is the continuation of a series of interventions based on drawing that the artist leads and which are embodied in actions of cleaning of public spaces or dedicated to the arts.

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    Red Light Monument: Floor Area of Café Cléopâtre Stages (500 square feet)

    The project is a contextual work that pays tribute to Montreal's Red Light and its alteration by the development of the Quartier des spectacles.

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    This monumental project by visual artist Dominique Pétrin consists of covering the exterior surface of the Katacombes building with printed and cut paper. This ephemeral installation is made from original silkscreen prints designed by the artist.

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  • PARK(ing) Day

    PARK(ing) Day

    This annual world event, that brings together artists, citizens, elected officials and organizations, aims to raise awareness of the value of the urban space occupied by the parking spaces.

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  • Ross Campbell

    Ross Campbell
    Distribution box

    Ross Campbell offers us an eight foot tall plywood replica of a concrete water connector. This connector was in Place des Arts during the winter 2011 renovations, where he photographed and documented it, before it was buried and connected to the City's sewer system.

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  • Book launch

    Book launch
    DIS/LOCATION 2 - Projet d'articulation urbaine : parc sans nom

    In order to leave a trace of its passage following each of its Dis/location, DARE-DARE is happy to launch its new publication which relates its docking at Parc sans nom. Under the theme of « De la faillibilité et de l’échec », the experiences at the park and the projects put forward by DARE-DARE are revisited, highlighting the "laboratory" approach of the artist center.

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