Mission + Mandate


To explore, question and evolve contemporary art practices, spaces and modes of dissemination and to promote their democratization and accessibility.



DARE-DARE supports the research and development of innovative practices by artists, be they just starting out or Seasoned professionals. The artist centre has had a long-standing interest in exploring and diversifying art work and intervention design processes, forms of expression and modes of presentation within diverse contexts not traditionally intended for art. The artist centre encourages collaboration with various cultural and/or community organizations, as well as with partners who are not within the art field. DARE-DARE has as its objective to promote education, understanding and appreciation of contemporary art at a local, national and international level. This is achieved throughout a range of activities including: research, creation, production, dissemination, documentation, publishing, workshops, as well as artist discussions and forums. Within the artistic community, DARE-DARE aims to serve as a flexible and friendly go-to resource for research, experimentation and vital expertise with regards to intervention art in public space and to:

• Generate a favourable context for the production, development and achievement of critical, audacious, exploratory projects

• Promote the relationship between artistic practice, public space and social and civic engagement 

• Play a mediating role in presenting diverse forms of intervention practices within social spaces to the public at large

• Accompany artists and facilitate the obtaining of authorizations and permits required for their projects

• Serve as a meeting point, a forum for dialogue, debate and exchange between various disciplines, be they artistic or other

• Be a place of learning, where emerging and seasoned artists can meet and network together

• Encourage and support promising artists with little promotional experience

• Be an open, inviting, welcoming, friendly and inclusive space for one and all

• Welcome artists and theorists in a fair and professional way in line with CARFAC best practice standards

• Offer various alternative platforms for reflection and critical spaces, where action-oriented, meticulous, intellectually serious initiatives are encouraged

• Strengthen ties between members of the artistic community 


MARCHÉ ATWATER (2015-      )

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SQUARE CABOT (2008-2009)

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PARC sans nom (2006-2008)

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SQUARE VIGER (2004-2006) 

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