DARE-DARE has as its guiding principle to be deeply responsive to the needs of artists and of their practice and to offer them not only logistic support in this regard, but also personalized attention in a spirit of openness to new ideas. The centre’s actions are thus motivated and guided by trust in the artists’ processes and choices, flexibility with regards to the form and duration of projects and a willingness to work with the established production schedule. DARE-DARE adapts to the needs of each project and to the profile of each individual artist, both in terms of the type of support offered creators and the degree of involvement expected from the centre. To succeed in its mission, DARE-DARE must share in the artists’ enthusiasm for their projects and partake in maintaining it, lest they fail. DARE-DARE wishes to remain in sync with strides made by contemporary art by keeping abreast of activities and issues related to new artistic practices in public space or within contexts not originally intended for the presentation of art.