Conformément aux directives de santé publique entourant la prévention de la COVID-19, DARE-DARE se mute en télé-centre d'artistes pour une période indéterminée et ses activités en personne prennent une pause. Contactez-nous par courriel.

Call for proposals

The next call will open in the fall of 2016


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FRICTIONS (saisons 2018-19)

RENDEZ-VOUS SOCIETY II  (2017-2018 programming) > ongoing

RENDEZ-VOUS SOCIETY I  (2016-2017 programming) 

MICRO-INTERVENTIONS  (2015-2016 programming)

TO HIM WHO IS IN FEAR EVERYTHING RUSTLES   (2014-2015 programming)

THE ERA OF THE FIERCE BEASTS OF HOPE   (2013-2014 programming)


Context | The urban articulation project DIS/LOCATION derives its title from a diverging and complementary stance, welded together with a forward slash. This unconventional assemblage keeps ambivalent keeps well alive the ambivalent meanings, without cancelling them out. Like a hinge, this pivot point ensures flexibility and plays through a balancing act, swinging scope and reach dramatically to convene with ideas that could otherwise not collide. Thus, through this play, notions related to movement, nomadism, drift and loss of landmarks intersect those connected to anchoring, immobility, positioning and linked to place and context.

Since 2004, DIS/LOCATION has increased the quantity of artistic interventions in public space, which operate under the banner of furtive art, invisibility, and the promotion and exploration of marginalized contexts. For the coming year, we wish to encourage projects that rally and assemble and which question the collective sense of community by relying on the organization of gatherings and participatory activities as its modus operandi.

Here are the components of the programming that will be activated depending on the year and the programming committee wishes :



DARE-DARE offers : 

- an honorarium

- author's rights

- reimbursement for project materials

- project publicity

- help securing necessary authorizations and permits

Support material:

- 300 words artist statement

- 200 words on intended project direction (possible work direction, context as well as the form(s) that the work may take)

- brief description of foreseeable technical needs

- CV

- 15 images + access to web site (if desired)



DARE-DARE forges ahead with its urban poetry/writing project. Borrowing from short form sentence structure such as slogans, haikus or tweets, these short phrases, aphorisms, onomatopoeias, poems or questions are showcased for a week's time on an illuminated sign. The texts are visible, day and night, for the thousands of passers-by that transit through the area surrounding the artist-run centre's mobile trailer.

The selection committee reserves the right to choose four to ten sentences of the proposed compositions, in order to showcase one sentence a week, for a period of four to ten weeks.

Send us your short phrases proposals  (Note that these must be a maximum of 15 words for a total of 105 characters including spaces, all on five lines of 21 characters each).


DARE-DARE offers :

- an honorarium

- author's rights

- project publicity

- usage of necessary materials (letters and luminous box)


Support material :

- 10 brief sentence constructions (maximum 15 words)

- 200 words project description

- Short biography

- CV