Book launch

Kama la Mackerel fanzine

February 23, 2023

Following their residency as a researcher for the TRADUCTION programming (2021-2022), Kama la Mackerel launches a fanzine accompanied by a performance at the Livresse bookstore. The fanzine is distributed for free in a limited edition.

As part of its 2021-2022 programming under the theme of TRANSLATION, DARE-DARE has invited multidisciplinary artist, author and literary translator Kama La Mackerel to take a critical look at the research of Vir Andres Hera, DOIS (belote + kimura-lemoine), Wojtek Ziemilski + Adam Stoyanov and Anna Jane McIntyre. In this zine, Kama La Mackerel performs their conversations with the artists through a bilingual text in English and French. Capturing both the artists' inspirations and research methods, La Mackerel also presents the barriers the artists faced in their reflections. This zine, created as a creative text, a critical text, a text that "performs" on the page, and a text that can be performed through the body and the voice, aims to create interstices between languages, visual arts, literature, and the very exercise of translation in order to bring to life the multiple complexities that are specific to TRANSLATION.

Kama La Mackerel is a Mauritian-Canadian multilingual writer, visual artist, performer, educator and literary translator who believes in love, justice and self and collective empowerment. Their practice blurs the lines between traditional artistic disciplines to create hybrid aesthetic spaces from which decolonial and queer/trans vocabularies can emerge. With wholehearted engagement in ocean narratives, island sovereignty, transgender poetics and queer/trans spiritual histories, their body of work challenges colonial notions of time and space as these relate to history, power, language, subject formation and the body.

This project is presented in partnership with the bookstore Livresse.

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