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Methods and Games in Space : Habitable Zones

As part of its three-part call (interventions, residency and public writing), DARE-DARE artist-run center is looking for proposals for artistic projects to design its 2024-2026 programming.

an open call proposed by : Marcela Bórquez, Guillaume Dufour Morin, Sylvie Laplante, Eugenia Reznik, Anouk Verviers and Martin Dufrasne

With this three-part call, DARE-DARE is looking for proposals that address current issues to compose a multidisciplinary program that goes beyond a thematic approach, and aims to reflect, stimulate and activate, in all its diversity, the methodological inventiveness of in situ/in socius artistic practices and their transformative potential. In the context of DARE-DARE's updated and nomadic mandate, DARE-DARE wishes to recognize what has been done, is being done and can be done by the artist-run center, and the practices, communities and histories it conjures up. These proposals will seek to question the possible definitions of the word "in situ", reflecting on spaces in movement, their location, displacement, replacement, metamorphosis, spaces of escape, spaces that flee.

By in situ practices, we mean a creation that takes into account the place where it is installed as being a significant and determining context for its conception. 

By in socius practices, we mean a creation that takes into account the social and human context in which it is installed, as a significant and influential framework for its conception.


6 to 8 projects will be selected over two years of programming (broadcast between April 2024 and March 2026).    

The call is addressed to artists who wish to inscribe art into everyday life, who want to intrude into the geographical and social environment through stratagems of all kinds and varying durations. DARE-DARE invites you to consider in situ art in dialogue with the context in which the Center is positioned or, art in socius to generate encounters, gestures, collaborations, situations in places not agreed upon for the presentation of art.

DARE-DARE offers:

  • Support for project coordination, dissemination and promotion
  • Exhibition and reproduction rights (CARFAC rates)
  • Reimbursement of production materials

  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits and authorizations
  • Photographic documentation


8 poetic bodies of work will be selected for these two years of programming (broadcast between April 2024 and March 2026).

In borrowing the brief form of the slogan, haiku or tweet, these short phrases, aphorisms, poems or questions are broadcast for a period of one week on an illuminated sign located in Sainte-Cunégonde Park (Little Burgundy district). The texts will be visible, day and night, to passers-by near the HALTE de DARE-DARE (open-air library and cultural mediation center). Each selected artist will be asked to design 12 written formulas of a maximum of 15 words each (21 characters per line maximum). Please enclose a few examples with your application. 3 short formulas, maximum 15 words (21 characters, including spaces per line)

DARE-DARE offers :

  • Reproduction rights

  • Author's rights

  • Dissemination and promotion of the project
  • Loan of materials (letters and illuminated signs)

RESIDENCY COMPONENT (stay in the South-West in September and October 2024).

The aim of the CONFLUENCES residency is to put DARE-DARE's expertise at the service of an artist to activate a 2-month research-creation project, but also to use the socio-cultural, historical and current soil of the Sud-Ouest, in order to highlight points of reflection, revelation and ramification based on its community heritage (stories, anecdotes, celebrations) and its architectural heritage. Find out more about the residence

DARE-DARE offers :

  • Accommodation
  • Per diem
  • Support for project coordination, dissemination and promotion
  • Conference fee (CARFAC rates)
  • Reimbursement of production materials

  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permits and authorizations
  • Photographic documentation
  • BIXI bike-sharing subscription (2 months)

Your proposal can include...

  • Send us your proposal in a form that suits you (text, visual or audio), paying attention to these five points:
  • Explain your artistic practice
  • Explain your project and its feasibility
  • Explain your need for support
  • Present your approach, elaborating on the articulation/dialogue between CONTEXT and ART
  • Images and/or web links

Only files sent in digital form will be considered - total file size 15 Mb maximum

Accepted formats: PDF documents, mp3 sound, mp4 video (max 5 minutes), max 15 JPG images, website

Send before December 31, 2023 (11:59pm) to:

Entries received after this date will not be considered.

In the interest of better representation, DARE-DARE strongly encourages submissions from people and practices that are under-represented in the arts.