Claire Burelli


February 10, 2016 - April 19, 2016

H41kus consists of short poems, highlighting the interweaving of digital culture with the banality of life.

Writing the evanescence of things, is to Burelli, a way to talk about memories and memory in another way. These poems are meant to be light, and sometimes funny, in contrast with the melancholy and the heaviness usually associated with themes around memory. 

On the other hand, always seeking the contrast in her works, she works text about digital culture, but here, they are presented on a support with an"obsolete" manner.

This contextualization in public spaces reinforces the universal aspect of her research, making them accessible to the general public at any time.  

"During my recent research, I was able to experience the work of writing in the form of abstract poems or haiku. I want to develop this approach, emphasizing our relationship to technology and the digital culture.

The format of haiku or short poem particularly interest me. It allows a reading of the words, but also between the words, as if a part of what I wanted to be was omitted, almost by mistake. In that sense, I find the aesthetics of the "glitch" in this way of writing. "


My research are revealed by a multidisciplinary approach that has its source in photography, images and the vernacular object. Depending on the project, I create digital images, I write, embroider, sculpt, draw or create experimental videos. The installation in turn, allows me to create a dialogue with my works: between each other and with the public 
The procedure is similar to a collector: I amassed objects, videos, photographs. Most of the time, these are personal archives, if not, I make them mine, because I am attracted by the unknown potential that offer me these materials. From there I can start a job speculation. In this sense, I try to understand and realize memory and souvenirs concepts in a digital context. Now are born falsified images, invented stories and photographs decontextualized.
I use a computer "glitch" aesthetic close because it echoes the alteration and loss of memory. They are revealing just a part of what was before, and than I play with the photographic error.
Claire Burelli just completed a graphic design degree at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She received two Lux awards in 2011 and 2012. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and artists' centers in Europe, the US and Canada. In 2013 and 2015 she exhibited two projects in the Art Souterrain at Central Station and the Palais des congrès in Montreal . Then in the Flash Festival in Winnipeg.
In 2015 , following a one-month residency at the center of photographic production Le Cabinet, she exhibited her project Disques durs et mémoires molles  at the POPOP gallery (Circa). In August , she presented her work as a duo in New York (Endless Editions), and then at the galerie Diagonale for its annual auction. In 2016 she will be part of the Mobilizations exhibition at the Maison de la culture de Brompton with the Mouvement Art Mobile(MAM).

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