Cynthia Girard

April 24, 2013 - June 25, 2013

I am a visual artist and a poet.

My work is centred on the evolution and deviation of painting in contemporary art.

My paintings and installations are off shoots of reflections and stories of painting itself. I question the issues linked to representational space and I explore the conflict between the abstract and the figurative, between the purely formal and the narrative.

My paintings are influenced by and borrow from popular culture and pop art, allude to images from comic books, children's books, quilted images and burlesque theatre. They are littered, with references to art history and are inspired by movements as diverse as surrealism, abstract expressionism, minimalism, hard-edge painting, Op Art, and figurative representation from the 1980’s. By superimposing images from pop culture and from «grand art» in the same pictorial space, I am questioning art history, and more specifically, established hierarchies, hermetic discourses, and the exclusions they endorse. 

I wrote a series of short poems for the luminous box, adhering to the five-line limit and using as few words as possible.

After reflecting upon the interventional space where the sign is located, the strongest references to appear were the Red Light district, the student crisis', and the Quartier des Spectacles. Each of the nine poems were written bearing all of these considerations in mind.