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1st edition

Three-part fundraising event: a potluck, a mystery art auction and a kitsch party!

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⊹ .-:*¨ The DARE-DARE TOUSKI ¨*:-. ⊹

It is with love and joy that DARE-DARE invites you to its new benefit evening. The TOUSKI is a biennial "sale of works in surprise boxes" event that goes beyond a simple auction. Above all, it's a kitsch-themed party that takes shape around the biggest potluck in DARE-DARE history!

This unique event has three components: a large buffet, an auction of mystery works and a kitsch party!

A grand buffet

Ever dreamed of savoring an aspic? Good, because at TOUSKI, quaint dishes are more than welcome. Without limiting themselves to sandwich breads or mimosa eggs, the DARE-DARE team and members were invited to get creative with their fridge "touski" and materialize their signature recipes to prepare a memorable collective feast.

An auction sale

In honor of the famous demonstrations, 20 vintage Tupperwares in a variety of shapes and colors will be auctioned off as "surprise boxes". In keeping with the concept, these will contain "touski d'art". By winning an auction, you could acquire edition leftovers, multiples, exclusive studio samples, public art models or performance residues. Auctioneers Katherine-Josée Gervais and Sébastien Goyette Cournoyer will act as the auctioneer duo, with their crazy, contagious energy.

A kitsch party

Whether you've been a DARE-DARE member since the dawn of time, a newcomer or simply intrigued, you're warmly invited to join the party! For the occasion, DARE-DARE invites you to get out your kitschiest clothes, indulge in borderline audacious pattern combinations and make your spraynet-fixed hairstyle fantasies come true. (It's also okay if you're just tempted to dress in brown.) At the end of the evening, a themed playlist featuring hits from the 60s to today will get us dancing.

⊹ .-:*¨ Mystery auction artists ¨*:-. ⊹

Philippe Allard, Magali Babin, Caroline Boileau, Christian Bujold, Mario Côté, Sylvie Cotton, Julie Delporte, Raphaëlle de Groot, Guillaume Dufour MorinMaría Ezcurra, Steve Giasson, Marc Gibert, Nadège Grebmeier Forget, Samuel Lebel Gagnon, Julie Lequin, Helena Martin Franco, Geneviève Massé, Hugo Nadeau, Douglas Scholes, karen elaine spencer

⊹ .-:*¨ Buffet artists ¨*:-. ⊹

Laurence Beaudoin Morin, Pénélope Bégin, Marcela Bórquez, Éveline Boudreau, Lina Choi & Robin-Dimitrije Gosselin-Monasevic, Rose de la Riva, Martin Dufrasne, virginie fauve, Stéphane & Adrien Gilot, Rose-Marie Goulet, Félix Hould, Lou Imessad, Michelle Lacombe, Julie-Isabelle Laurin, Samuel Lebel Gagnon, Lieven Meyer & Nicolas Mercier, Hugo Nadeau & Annie-Kim Rainville, Frank Nobert, Nicole Panneton, Majorie Paré, Manon Tourigny, Susan Turcot, François Rioux, Florencia Sosa Rey, Camila Vásquez, Josianne Poirier

⊹ .-:*¨ Tickets

Tickets for the event are on sale for $20 right here. Includes: access to the evening + all-you-can-eat food + one drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

The TOUSKI is an original idea of our members' committee, made up of Katherine-Josée Gervais, Rose-Marie Goulet, Nicole Panneton and Annie-Kim Rainville.

Special thanks to the following volunteers for their invaluable and enthusiastic help with set-up, bar and tear-down: Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois, Alexandre Diaz-Paquin, Adrien Gilot, Nicolas Mercier, Lieven Meyer, Hugo Nadeau, Sophie Perry and Robie Schuler, and to the entire DARE-DARE team: Majorie Paré, Martin Dufrasne, Nana Quinn and Tania Casaubon.

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