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This monumental project by visual artist Dominique Pétrin consists of covering the exterior surface of the Katacombes building with printed and cut paper. This ephemeral installation is made from original silkscreen prints designed by the artist.

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PALAZZO II is a monumental project by visual artist Dominique Pétrin consisting in covering the exterior surface of the Katacombes building with screen-printed paper. This ephemeral installation is composed entirely of original designs conceived by the artist, who then prints and cuts the paper.

PALAZZO II takes the form of imaginary architecture, influenced by the historical context of the installation site. The objective of this project is to create an immersive environment and optical illusion, inspired by architectural elements that evoke the facade of the former Red Light cabarets; the today renamed Quartier des spectacles. With its flamboyantly decorative character, charged with exoticism and extravagance, PALAZZO II is homage to the decadence of the now-inexistent cabarets. The queen of the night adorns herself with her most fantastic finery.

True to the humorous aspect of her practice, Dominique Pétrin plays with multiple graphic icons, eclectically mixing in diverse historical and cultural references. Iridescent and saturated colours, optical effects generated by the encounter of geometric lines, the amalgamation of exuberant motifs (zebra, precious stone, marble, jacquard pattern, Egyptian funeral masks), each contributes to the baroque aesthetic of this delicate composition.

5@7 Vernissage: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 At the Katacombes COOP

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Born in 1976, Dominique Pétrin is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal. In both performance and visual art, she is primarily interested in ways of altering perception and consciousness, whether by thwarting the cognitive processes of vision or through the use of hypnosis in performance. Dominique Pétrin's practice incorporates silkscreening on paper cut and pasted to walls and floors, emphasizing the physical labor involved in creating an immersive environment. Most of her works are ephemeral and specifically designed for her environment, reinforcing the visual impact of the silkscreened colors. She was a member of the petrochemical rock band Les Georges Leningrad from 2000 to 2007.

The artist wishes to thanks : le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, le Conseil des arts du Canada, les Katacombes, Patrick Ghassas, Publicité Sauvage, Bonnie Baxter, Chloé Beaulac, Simon Bossé, Ross Campbell, Jane Casson, Shawn Davis, Xarah Dion, Brigitte Henry, John Milchem, Annie Quenneville, Jessica Rainville and all DARE-DARE's staff.

By the way, Dominique Pétrin is also @ ARPRIM with her exhibition GALA. Gala remains up until Oct. 20, Arprim (372, rue Sainte-Catherine W., Belgo, #426).

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