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June 15, 2021 - August 15, 2021

A collaboration between DARE-DARE and the Center for Research on Social Innovations and Transformations (CRITS).

The 2020 edition of Fabuler l'école, a transdisciplinary experimental school project in the public space, led to a fertile meeting between the members of the Critical Space committee of DARE-DARE and the members-researchers of the CRITS of the St-Paul University of Ottawa (Centre de recherche sur les innovations et les transformations sociales). Sharing the same desire to spread experimentation accross fields of research, these new collaborators orchestrated this new initiative: Fabuler la recherche!

Following the project "Fabuler l'école", this mutation offers the composition of duos made of a practitioner-researcher in the arts and a researcher in social sciences.

The project invites us to play with the research known codes, to imagine, for example, how a protocol within artistic practices fuels research in social sciences, or what can become of the data of previous university research following a transformation by an artistic process.

Critical Space committee: Julie Chateauvert, Mathilde Forest, Véronique Leblanc, Anne-Marie Ouellet and Anouk Vervier.


For who?

The project is for artists, thinkers, practitioners, undisciplined searchers who engage in the invention of new forms and in a quest for (de)formation. By bringing together subjects, approaches and methods, Fabuler la recherche wishes to offer artists and university researchers a time where grant applications, calls for projects, results obligations, administrative tasks and other constraints no longer count.



Those interested in participating should fill out a form where they will name the topic they are working on (or would like to work on) and a familiar method (or one they would like to experiment with).

Duos will be formed by the (benevolent!) Members of a mixed group made by the members of CRITS and the Critical Space committee, knowing that the match involves an element of the unknown and surprise.

✺ Each person will be paired following the intuition of a promising encounter between subjects and methods.

Each duo will be invited to meet at least twice (and more if there is an affinity) and to collect traces of their exchanges.

✺ Meetings can take place in several ways; each duo will be able to engage in a dialogue to find an approach that suits them in order to respect each other's desires and safety, while respecting health measures related to COVID-19.

✺ A final meeting bringing together all the participants is scheduled for September 2021. 



Deadline for reception of forms: May 20, 2021  (fill the form here)

Project period: between June 15 and August 15, depending on availability

For any questions, please contact Sinda Garziz at



Depending on the number of applications and their origin, a selection could be made, the results of this selection will be shared with you before May 30, 2021.

No registration fee is required. However, recognizing the large income gap that may exist between artists and researchers in social sciences, depending on their status, we propose to set up a solidarity fund. Thus, the registration form contains a grid of suggested contributions based on your income. The amount collected will be redistributed by reversing the proportion.

People with disabilities and people who identify as belonging to sexual or ethnocultural minorities are strongly encouraged to register and let us know their specific needs. A preparatory meeting will be offered to you in order to find the best possible way to organize, depending on the financial and human resources that we have or that we can mobilize.

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