Conformément aux directives de santé publique entourant la prévention de la COVID-19, DARE-DARE se mute en télé-centre d'artistes pour une période indéterminée et ses activités en personne prennent une pause. Contactez-nous par courriel.

Fabuler l'école


July 15, 2020 - August 31, 2020

DARE-DARE continues its experimental school project. This second edition will be an opportunity to experiment with ways of transmitting and learning in DUO, to develop forms of resilient pedagogies in times of health and social crises. Teams will be formed twice to explore, on a face-to-face basis, different modes of inter-transmission of knowledge. Fabuler l'école - Tête-à-tête is for anyone wishing to engage in a learning process and a quest for (de)formation.

This laboratory is based on the desire to reflect together on engagement through art or other activities, the procedural dimension of practices and the ways of occupying public and private spaces from a decolonial perspective. In the current circumstances, the members of the Critical Space Committee felt the need, more than ever, to reimagine school. The committee is looking for ways to rebuild meaningful human relationships during this long period of confinement; resist the default use of digital platforms (social media, video conferencing applications); and think about new ways to combine creation, action, collective intelligence, activism and physical distancing. How to rethink the modes of transmission and learn in an alternative way? How to be together? How to act in solidarity? How to occupy public space?


✺ Each person is invited to participate to two sessions where they will each time be the transmitter and receiver of knowledge.

Those interested in participating must fill out a form where they will offer knowledge or experience to pass on.
It can be a variety of subjects ranging from personal to professional interests, practice or research (from botany to computing, including anti-oppressive, care or even culinary practices, as well as more theoretical knowledge). No need to be a specialist, your practices, even those that seem evident to you, because they are rooted in your experiences, are welcome!

Each person will be paired with another, twice.
We hope that the second meeting will be imbued with the learnings of the first, creating a stream of lived and shared sensitivities.

The duos will be made by the (benevolent!) members of the Critical Space committee, knowing that pairing involves an element of unknown and surprise.

Teaching can be done in several ways; each duo will be in dialogue, allowing them to find a learning solution that suits them in order to respect the wishes, security and possibilities of each, while respecting the health measures associated with COVID-19.

No registration fee is required. It is possible, on a voluntary basis, to become a member of DARE-DARE ($20).

People with disabilities and people who recognize themselves as belonging to sexual or ethnocultural minorities are strongly encouraged to register and tell us about their specific needs.

DARE-DARE is a artist-run center interested in practices that take advantage of usual places of dissemination and any artistic practice of intervention in public space.

It recognizes that its team works in the traditional territory of Kanien’keha:ka (Mowhaks) and that Tiohtia:ke has long served as a place of gathering and exchange between nations.

Fabuler l'école is a project initiated by members of the DARE-DARE Critical Space Committee: Isabelle Boucher, Catherine Lalonde Massecar, Elise Anne LaPlante, Véronique Leblanc and Anne-Marie Ouellet.