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Dawn into Mourning

Spreading mind across Land through root systems; we hold together a dialogue dawning us into mourning.

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Spreading mind across Land through root systems; we hold together a dialogue dawning us into mourning.

While our many Relatives hibernate, we break into mourning in so to wake ourselves as those who harvest dreams throughout winter. Our Ancestors, most near with the presence of the north wind, weave multiple realities by folding time and opening us to the sacredness of imagining. Acknowledging that winter moons draw from our minds expansiveness, and that through this time, dreaming into being is an act of survivance, we seek space to do so together. Considering the effects that containers of isolation have in provoking our levels of loneliness, withdrawal and siloing, communication between our many bodies and our kin holds critical healing. Through Grief Work and the life affirming Medicines of Care, by way of weaving words in Anishinaabemowin and Kanien’keha, we come to embody what is possible through the act of reaching. Kin-to-Kin, Nation-to-Nation, pathways of communication across Lands + Waters - however public, is grounds for resurgent practices rooted in radical 2S love.

Free translations of the messages on the luminous sign :

Week 1 : Ceremonies to access great release of mind
Week 2 : Putting our minds together
Week 3 : Keepers of the gifts
Week 4 : Teachings of a good mind
Week 5 : They support you. you recognize that which we refer to
Weeks 6 and 7 : Roots - rooting - Work of root making
Week 8 : ((Raphael Andre, I send you light and peace)) - Napaian Kapesh (Raphael Andre)'s cousin
Week 9 : There is a crack in the ice. It's time you wake up
Week 10 : The bear is coming. They are dancing
Week 11 : Wolf, they are looking-seeing-watching. Bear, they are sleeping
Week 12 : Ceremonies. Bear, turns over while laying down. Medicines of dream
Week 13 : Breathe in. Breathe out
Week 14 : Sumac tap and gathering bucket. Liquid Medicine, Maple Water
Week 15 : Wake up

faye mullen

Informed by a sculptural sensibility combining a practice of observation through gesture in a variety of media including site-specific interventions, sound installations and image-making both moving and still, faye mullen's practice adapts to relational contexts and is informed by community responsibilities in the capacity of le’nikónirare. As a 2S mixed person of Anishinaabe and settler heritage, their practice reaches toward horizontality worlding queer imaginings and decolonial ways of being. They currently situate their practice in and alongside the community of Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal navigating efforts to lift the voices of kin, bridge understandings, and honour sacred silences. For DARE-DARE a woven collaborative dialogue is being honoured in relation with kin, Jade Konwataroni.

Jade Konwataroni

Jade Konwataroni, Kanien’kehá:ka from the Mohawk territory of Kahnawà:ke. Generally identifies as two spirit and uses she/her pronouns. Her previous studies of First Peoples and currently Nursing, have surrounded hide work and preservation, Indigenous food sovereignty and traditional means of seed saving, planting and harvesting our foods and medicines, as well as youth engagement with her work in Nunavik, Eeyou Istchee and her own community.  Generally she is all about health and healing within Indigenous perspectives. Learning ways to hold her Indigenous identity alongside her queer identity in the same space, and that bringing all of herself to the table has allowed her to braid meaningful relationships with others, finding community and kin.