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Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot

L’atelier ouvert

April 4, 2020 - February 6, 2021

Last April, Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot's project L'atelier ouvert was interrupted by the outbreak of the pandemic. So in Italy, Raphaëlle could not travel and, no matter, the project in its original form could not have taken place. Suspending one's mobility and activities is part of the current state of things we experience. It connects us, despite the isolation and distance. Two women in the creative field, a conversation. A bare thread is revealed between life, practice and the work of both, together in this unique situation.

Jennifer Alleyn and Raphaëlle de Groot propose to dive into a biographical exploration and to identify a shared space. Through this exercise, they explore different ways of looking into the world. But above all, they question the free spirit which animates them and what freedom is engaged through creation.

Opening the doors of a virtual studio space, Jennifer and Raphaëlle invite us to a pool.
What would you share about yourself?
An object? A letter? A tool? A question?

The public is invited to participate in this workshop.

Online event from January 29 to February 6 2021

Please note that the content of the workshop and the activities offered are in French

To register:   Spaces are limited


Participation involves:

- activities to be carried out independently, proposed then shared in return by email.

- meeting-exercises and a final exchange via Zoom.



Saturday January 30 1st zoom meeting with participants - 11am AM  *optional /catching-up doable*

Monday February 1st Exercise 1 (45 min) 3 time slots available

Tuesday February 2 Exercise 2 (45 min) 3 time slots available

Saturday February 6 final zoom (time to be determined)

Jennifer Alleyn's interdisciplinary practice takes the form of films, videos, installations and photographs. Since the late 1990s, we have seen her work regularly in Quebec and abroad. The exploration of the relationship between reality and fiction appears implicitly in her research. She is also interested in the creative process and she made it the subject of several projects. Her works have been awarded in major festivals, but also disseminated by major Quebec institutions. After L’atelier de mon père and Dix fois Dix, in 2018, she created the film Impetus, which intersects with self-fiction and cinema-truth. For this film, which pushes the boundaries of the hybrid form, she receives the Prize Création 2019 awarded by l’Observatoire du cinéma au Québec and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Montreal for "her exceptional contribution to Quebec cinematography. ". She holds a bachelor's degree from Concordia University (1991). She lives and works in Montreal.

Raphaëlle de Groot is a Quebec artist who lives and works between Montreal and Orsigna, Italy. Her works have been presented over the Canadian and international scene for more than twenty years in numerous exhibitions and events including Paris Nuit Blanche, Momenta | Image Biennial in Montreal, also the San Diego Art Institute, the Venice Biennale and the Cultural Festival of Mayo in Guadalajara. Her artistic practice is being developed around the notions of mobility and meeting. Interdisciplinary and performative by nature, it emphasizes the process, duration, participation and collaboration of individuals and communities. Raphaëlle graduated from the School of Visual and Media Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal (MA, 2007), and she received several distinctions including the Sobey Prize for the Arts in 2012.