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Laurence Beaudoin Morin


The artist presents a first screening of Canterel, a performance film that anchors itself in the landscapes of Montreal's Sud-Ouest district through short tableaux that dialogue with the area's physical and social spaces.

Canterel follows in the tradition of road movies through solo performative explorations and orchestrated group scenes. The film is anchored in the landscapes of Montreal's Sud-Ouest district, through short tableaux that dialogue with the physical and social spaces of the area. Always following the specific contours of the landscape, it's a question of immersing oneself, letting oneself be contaminated, and then continuing to travel in the state of mind of the Sud-Ouest's socio-cultural, historical and present-day soil.

Through this cinematic exploration of performance, Canterel aims to bring to life the nooks and crannies of spaces with personal instruments, simple operations and subtle humor. Visual poems activate spaces with instruments such as gunpowder, a wick, rubber boots, balloons, a stool, a small table and whatever else comes along the way. It's a tightrope walk between pleasure and melancholy. The element of risk, too, becomes the stimulus for the senses. Sudden shocks and abrupt changes of mood determine the rhythm and atmosphere of this performative film. Explosive here, the creative context is one of perpetual jeopardy.Sometimes this concerns bodies, most of the time objects and landscapes themselves, which suffice to attest to the scope of the pieces. Gravity is at play here, but so is gravitational attraction. The latter is reaffirmed as a living force intensified by its threat to the human condition of a neighborhood.

Film screening at Parc Sainte-Cunégonde

The movie Canterel was presented publicly at the Halte du Parc Sainte-Cunégonde on October 26 2023, in an open-air screening.

Laurence Beaudoin Morin

Laurence Beaudoin Morin's practice focuses on the territory and, by displacing the elements that compose it, seeks to assemble visual poems. Performance, video and painting are the means she uses to tell her, and our, experience of spaces. By this association of gestures it is a question of revealing even of suspending the process of creation in order to structure the time, to attract the glance on the hardly visible. The randomness, the accident, the danger, the catastrophe... the scenes suggest or implement the movement. They evoke the premises, the expectation and the results of a dynamic process that sometimes seems to defy the laws of physics. Laurence holds a Master's degree in Visual Arts from UQAM and a BAC from Concordia. She is the founder of the auto-workshops for performance in the terrain vague and is part of the Performance Art Studies team where she facilitates performance workshops with local and international artists.

She has been a member of DARE DARE for several years and has taken part in various projects including Fabuler l'école and Femmes frictions where she has enjoyed reflecting together on alternative modes of learning and organization.