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Ma Intervalle (actions infiltrantes)

This series of original performative actions is designed specifically for the context of the Quartier des spectacles, and will develop over the cycle of the four seasons of an entire year.

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Every really lived space carries the essence of the notion of the house.
- Gaston Bachelard: The Poetics of Space.
Ma Intervalle, is a project spread over a year, consisting of different kinds of performative actions, in the space of the gallery and in public space, in different cities across the world, including Nicosie (Cyprus), Curitiba (Brazil) and Montréal (Canada). Employing the idea of refuge as a central image, I am particularly interested, for this series, by liminal spaces; temporal spaces that connect people, things, words, and time.

What the Japanese call Ma, could be translated as an interval in time and space. The void that contains all... Each of these performances will be concentrated on a specific aspect of the liminal space.

In this perspective of the space-interval, Martine tries to reinvent the everyday life by disturbing -briefly and subtly- the usual course of things. What brings the artist -since a few years- to use the house as central image in her work. More recently, the house has been transposed on her body to become the "women house"; the women body as a house, as carrier of intimacy.

Using the “women house” as central element of Ma Intervalle project, she proposes a series of infiltrative actions in public spaces surrounding the context of DARE-DARE, at the heart of the Quartier des spectacles and the Place des arts.

Pursuing this approach based on the persistence, she will put the focus on the time, which passes, by dividing the usual formula of one-month presentation into four different weeks; spread over four seasons.

Sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, she will settle down in these places and will submit herself to the constraints of time within diverse states of presence and throughout daily actions which will make reference to the human body as a shelter, as a house. Working with the peculiarities of each place, Martine Viale will investigate the various possibilities of inserting the body there and to change it into a shelter.

In a world in perpetual change where the necessity of adapting itself quickly to new situations is required, she asks the following questions:

  • What commitment we maintain with time, presence, ourselves and other people?
  • What echo has the expression " feel at home “?


4th season: 2014, March 23 - 29
In Various Locations of Quartier des spectacles
Please visit our Facebook page the night before an action to know at what time it will be held
SUNDAY  Chemin de la Reine | Esplanade de la Place des arts
MONDAY   Parterre - Vitrine événementielle | Quartier des spectacles
TUESDAY  Red Bench - 175 Ste-Catherine Ouest | Place des arts
WEDNESDAY  Outdoor staircase | Esplanade de la Place des arts
THURSDAY  Café Van Houtte | Place des arts
FRIDAY   Escalator (underground) | Place des arts - Complexe Desjardins
SATURDAY   Abribus STM De Maisonneuve et Bleury | Quartier des spectacles
FINISSAGE : Wednesday, 2014, April 2nd, at DARE-DARE, between 5 and 9 PM.
For the 2013 PASSPORT DARE-DARE's owners, you will have a chance to get Martine Viale's stamp in your collection !

DARE-DARE and the artist want to thank M. Abdel Zarouite of Van Houtte café bistro for his precious collaboration.

  • Café Van Houtte

A longtime contributor to the milieu of Québec performance artists, Martine Viale works and lives in Montréal. Active in performance, action art and photography, her work focuses on “process-action” and the corporeality of space and time that allow for simultaneous multi-dimensional developments producing installations grounded in performance. Her work has been presented in many festivals, galleries and in site specific locations in Montreal and Canada, including at Rencontres Internationales d’art performance de Québec (Le Lieu, Québec), FADO Performance Art Center, 7a*11d International Festival of Performance (Toronto), Live Biennial of Performance Art (Western Front, Vancouver). Her work has also been shown abroad at The National Review of Live Art (Glasgow, Scotland), Contenedores Muestra Internacional de arte de accion de Sevilla (Séville, Spain), and 4th International Performance Festival (Odense, Denmark), as well as in the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, France, Belgium, and Serbia.