Micro-residency at la HALTE - Todo Lengua

Marcela Bórquez

September 16, 2022 - September 25, 2022

Marcela Borquez invites you to Todo Lengua, an activity created during a research micro-residency at HALTE, our mediation center. The project is an invitation to become language, completely and in every sense. It seeks to offer a space for embodied and collective reading to find relationships between words, sounds, bodies and territories.

Marcela Bórquez is a Mexican artist, mediator and researcher. Her work focuses on strategies of resistance that emerge from community organizing, poetry and non-objective art, and moves towards collective engagement to address issues of identity and belonging. She has coordinated public programs in collaboration with museums, libraries and community centers in Mexico, the United States and Canada. As a member of the Cuerpo Estratégico collective, she has designed workshops to explore reading as a performative practice. She is an active collaborator in the international artists' network Red de Pedagogías Empáticas and co-founder of the non-profit project Avalokita, dedicated to the dissemination of resources for professional development in the arts.

Past Projects