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September 30, 2017

DARE-DARE organised a festive PARADE in Petite-Bourgogne and St-Henri neighborhoods. With or without costume, the public was invited to wander and celebrate the cityscape with family and friends. Several costumes and accessories made for the occasion had been made available on site for free.

This lively and animated ceremony offered a one-and-a-half-hour course during which the procession stopped in different places to present intriguing performative actions. The parade ended on DARE-DARE location adjacent to the Atwater Market, where lunch and fantasies have been offered for free, including a cake mimicking Dare-Dare's trailer.

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Master of Ceremonies : Jacqueline Van De Geer
Performative action : Steffie Bélanger
Costumes : Julie Lequin, David Martineau Lachance et Mathieu Deschênes 

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Jacqueline van de Geer was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada in 2005. She holds a degree in both visual and performance arts. Growing up in Rotterdam, a scarred place that was accidentally bombed twice during World War II, taught her a "do a lot with almost nothing" - approach to her practice. She works in Europe and Canada as a performer and theatrical DJ. Since coming to Montreal, Jacqueline has started to write short plays and create solo works that are bilingual, non linear, and somewhat dada-inspired.

In her performances, she likes to challenge herself and her audience in a non-invasive way. Jacqueline hopes to create a space where participants can open up to a collective experience: to share, to exchange, to be touched, and to speak out. Her work focuses on issues of intimacy and reconnection. This happens in various settings such as a gallery, a hotel room, a hall corner, a tent, or an exterior performance space. Offering possibilities for participation with her audience keeps the work feeling fresh and alive. She is thrilled to be part of the Montreal eclectic arts community, which has generously welcomed her since her big move across the Atlantic.

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Steffie Bélanger creates sculptures by revisiting the techniques of cabinetmaking while adding manipulable devices. Their formal appearance suggests a form or aesthetic ambiguity between prosthesis, furniture and toy. Her research reflects on the fundamental and fortunate uselessness of artworks. To support this idea, the sculpture can be activated and, consequently, shows its dysfunction, as the gesture it allows is clearly going nowhere. Her first major solo exhibition, curated by Manon Tourigny, was presented this year at Salle Alfred Pellan in Laval and was entitled "L'utilité de l'inutilité". In summer 2017, she participated in the residency "Espaces en pratique", a collaboration between L'Oeil de Poisson and VU artist-run centres in Quebec City. She also participated in "Artist at Work" residency at the FOFA gallery during the summer of 2016 and took part of Est-Nord-Est residencies in 2015. She obtained a Bachelor degree from Concordia University and currently holds a Master's Degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM. The core of her approach remains the notion of sculpture-performance, integrating the body as a material at work.


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Mathieu Deschênes is a founding member of the collectives École de la Montagne Rouge and Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes. He works primarily in the fields of painting and video art. By linking his artistic collective Les Mêmes-Cacaïstes and SOIR, an OBNL which presents events, he inaugurated L'Espace des Mêmes, a temporary gallery where visual art, music, theatre, dance and poetry meet. His pictorial work is the result of a search for new forms and compositions inspired by the Automatist movement. After discovering painting through serigraphy, he is currently working with new media, which allows him to update his practice in a contemporary world while satisfying his need to go through new pictorial experiences. His production in the field of experimental cinema drive us into a completely disjointed and dada world.


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David Martineau Lachance was born and currently works in Quebec City. He is completing an academic program in film studies (BFA, Concordia), film animation (BFA, Concordia) and also in visual and media arts (MA, UQAM). Since 2012, his work in video art and digital print has been exhibited in various public and private institutions (MACBSP, Sagamie, FOFA, SKOL) and screened in several international festivals since 2006 (Berlin ZEBRA, Fantasia, CinemaDaMare). At the same time, he is a costume designer (MITF New York) and runs a night radio show on CHYZ 94.3.


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Julie Lequin is a visual artist whose art projects cover several topics, including narrative, identity, speech and humor. The fields in which she works are video, sculpture, drawing, writing, sewing and knitting. She has presented projects in Canada and also internationally: Centre Clark, La Centrale and Galerie Optica, Montreal; YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto; CRG Gallery, New York City; Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City; Santa Barbara Art Forum, Santa Barbara. Julie was an artist-in-residence at Yaddo; Art Omi; MacDowell Colony in the United States, Cow House's Studios in Ireland; at the Quebec studio in Mexico City; at Hiap in Helsinki and at the Récollets in Paris. She lives near Montreal with Prince-des-Bois and Poulette.


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