Périmètre, un événement d'art public

September 29, 2005 - October 2, 2005

Square Viger, its history, its current issues, its physical and social components, is the theme of Périmètre, un événement d'art public. The context generates a program that presents itself as a diversity of actions, interventions and installations in which various artistic disciplines intermingle.

With the artists: ARGGL! (Olivier Choinière, in collaboration with Hervé Misserey and Alexia Bürger), Jean-Denis Boudreau, Philippe Côté, Olivier Grossetête, Thomas Grondin, Helena Martin Franco, Noeli, DOCOMOMO Quebec, Genevieve and Matthieu with Véronique Soustelle, Charlene K. Lau, Céline Boucher, Olivia Boudreau and Caroline Dubois, Victor Rodrigue with Sylvie Demers and Patrick Geoffroy. Jimmy Lakatos and Pascale Malaterre with Julien Roy, Luis Jacob, Will Munro, David Armstrong Six, The Obsessed Farmers, Awesome and Deloro.

Several artists raise questions in direct relation to the site where the event is taking place, such as homelessness, urban development, isolation and highway traffic. Some remind us of the history of the square, that there was a river, then a large bourgeois park and, today, a modern square built over a highway. Still others integrate or respond more specifically to the layout designed by Charles Daudelin. The Agora takes the elements of the ancient public square, with a scene and a market. Three evenings of shows take place on this stage, reactivating a place of expression that has served not more than a little.

With Périmètre, un événement d'art public event, DARE-DARE offers multiple and varied meeting spaces, and reiterates its commitment to artistic practices that link art to the city, art to life.

This event was organized with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts (inter-arts office) and the City of Montreal.

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