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Programming launch

Mutual futures (2023-2024)

DARE-DARE invites members, neighbors, friends, teams, out-of-breath people and matchheads on June 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Parc Ste-Cunégonde for its annual program launch!

DARE-DARE invites members, neighbors and friends on June 16 from 5.30pm at the Ste-Cunégonde's park for its annual programming launch! Us and us again, forever fans of garden parties, music, snacks, BAR-BAR, gesturing while talking and string lights. The artists, authors and researchers in residence will be presented, the ones and only who will make up this new daredarian year!

You can also take advantage of the event to visit the HALTE and its renewed collection of books.

The event is festive : by officially announcing the artistic content of the center's new year of dissemination, we celebrate the innovative energy, the joyful and audacious determination of the artists who pursue their research and interventions in the public space.