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Programming launch

Performance and party!

DARE-DARE invites you to celebrate the launch of its program Methods and Games in Space: Habitable Zones, on June 8, 2024.

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This program seeks to reflect, stimulate and activate, in all its diversity, the methodological inventiveness of in situ/in socius artistic practices and their transformative potential.

Saturday, June 8, 2024
7pm at Parc Vinet
and from 7:30 pm at parc Sainte-Cunégonde

It's with great joy and excitement that DARE-DARE invites you to the launch of its 2024-2025 program Methods and Games in space: Habitable Zones! Join us on June 8 at Parc Vinet for a strolling performance by artist Émile Riopel, who will guide us to Parc Sainte-Cunéguonde, where we'll spend the rest of the evening. Music and refreshments on site.

Specially for the occasion, the Drinkerie Sainte-Cunéguonde bar will be serving beers right in the park!


7:00 pm: Rendezvous at Parc Vinet for a strolling performance by Émile Riopel

7:30 pm: Group arrival at Parc Sainte-Cunéguonde via the performance

8:00 pm: Word from Rhys Bulh, co-programming director

8:30 p.m.: Drinks, dancing, lively discussion and other festivities!

Émile Riopel

A by-product of the combination of suburb, car and in-ground pool, Émile Riopel works and evolves in a suburban setting, and draws his main convictions from it. Interested in the theme of deployment, listening and the playful encounter between art and everyday life, the artist seeks to imagine structures and speculative systems to reflect on the existing capitalist system. Collecting, gleaning and salvaging tint the way he looks at the materialized world around him. His work was presented at Fais-moi l'art in a solo exhibition in summer 2023, and in group shows with Rond-Point center d'artiste, Collège Lionel-Groulx and Fais-moi l'art.

Currently completing a bachelor's degree in visual and media arts, Émile became a member of DARE-DARE in 2024 in order to meet a network of artists and cultural players and to become part of the center's nomadic, participatory and social mission.