Valentine's Day Party


February 11, 2023 - November 30, -0001
Whether you've been a DARE-DARE member since the dawn of time, are new to DARE-DARE, or are simply intrigued, the DARE-DARE Membership Committee is showing its love by inviting you to its first Valentine's Day Party.

  • Decomplexed dance
  • Uncomplicated games
  • Attendance prizes
  • Romantic playlist
  • Scarlet ambiance
  • thirst-solving and thirst-quenching drinks

Dress code

Red and/or pink is strongly recommended. Extravagant or quaint outfits are welcome.

This Valentine's Day party is open to all!
Lovers, friends, singles, young and old, artists/non-artists, students, members of the past or future, dancers, awkward, tanners et cætera.

Reminder: dare-dare members get a free first drink at the center's events.

Past Projects

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