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Camille Deslauriers MénardPhoto : Maude Desbois

Camille Deslauriers Ménard

After studies in theatre, Camille Deslauriers Ménard found the world of all possibilities: storytelling. She's been telling stories ever since to the Dimanches du conte, in public spaces, museums, libraries, schools, festivals and even kindergartens and the Aquarium of Quebec city. She is also writing, directing, teaching and works as a puppeteer with Théâtre de l'oeil and their show Perruche. Camille, freshly arrived in the DARE-DARE universe, loves in situ and funky locations. She starts with the residency 'Écotone' from 'Baobab-Création multidisciplinaire' a cycle of research about storytelling/orality and the 5 senses. A first project, 'Une histoire du bout des doigts' will be presented through DARE-DARE to seniors to explore tactile storytelling.

Projects of Camille Deslauriers Ménard

  • Round Table

    Round Table
    with Camille Deslauriers Ménard, María Ezcurra and Mariza Rosales Argonza

    Camille Deslauriers Ménard, María Ezcurra and Mariza Rosales Argonza take part in a round-table discussion to revisit the projects in our QU'EST-CE QUI TRAVERSE VOUS? program, which all share a participatory approach.

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  • Camille Deslauriers Ménard

    Camille Deslauriers Ménard
    Une histoire du bout des doigts / A story from the fingertips

    "Une histoire du bout des doigts" is first of all a walk to a place, a center for the elderly, it is a collection of natural materials on the urban territory, it is a presence full of benevolence...

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    Programming 2022-2023

    This year, we have decided to take a break from a theme to guide our 2022-2023 programming. We want to hear from you in these serious times. What are your concerns, what are your needs?

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