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Janie Julien-Fort

Projects of Janie Julien-Fort

  • Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques

    Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques
    Spontaneous support

    DARE-DARE hosts Villa, the contemporary art truck supported by Verticale Centre d'artiste.

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  • Solargraphy Workshop

    Solargraphy Workshop
    With Janie Julien-Fort

    The workshop consists of learning the process of solargraphy with the artist Janie Julien-Fort, followed by the installation, in the spaces near DARE-DARE trailer, of small cameras that will capture the movement of cars or the sun for a few weeks.

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  • Series of 4 workshops

    Series of 4 workshops
    Janie Julien-Fort, Steve Giasson, Jeanne Painchaud and Massecar • d'Orion duo

    Series of 4 workshops with artists from our programming, in collaboration with the Sud-Ouest borough.

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    Et si nous étions tous impalpables, quel serait le lieu de la guerre?

    A look back at the 2015-2016 programming, moderated by Alain-Martin Richard.

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  • Janie Julien-Fort

    Janie Julien-Fort
    Sites under Surveillance

    For the project, the artist makes use of a technique called solargraphy—a photographic process requiring exposure times that often span several months.

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