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Jenny Cartwright

Jenny Cartwright

Jenny Cartwright explores themes of self-determination and inequality through topics such as gentrification, activism, work and poverty. It is through this bias towards the marginalized that she attempts to combine poetry and manifestos. While she constantly questions the way she tells stories, moving from classical to experimental film and from installation to sound creation, her practice remains resolutely documentary.

Projects of Jenny Cartwright

  • Mutual futures

    Mutual futures
    2023-2024 programming

    Mutual futures invokes the multiple forms and modalities of being communities.

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    1312 obstructions to the right to demonstrate

    The police surrounded us for hours, denying us water, access to toilets, and the warm clothes we were brought. The City has acknowledged its wrongdoing, but the apology is half-hearted and disappointing, firmly planted in an era where words like intersectional and systemic scare the powerful.

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