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Magali BabinPhoto : Oboro

Magali Babin

Magali Babin is a sound and interdisciplinary artist whose research addresses sound perception and auditory memory in relation to living spaces. Through encounters, she approaches listening as a tool for attention, gathering and awareness of alterity. Between the acoustics of natural landscapes, social contexts, and sound reminiscence, the artist draws her materials and creates atmospheres, installations, or listening experiences. In her recent projects, Magali Babin is interested in public sound spaces and collective listening. Her work has been presented as concerts and performances in international festivals in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe and her sound installations have been presented at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (Triennale Québécoise 2011. Mtl), La Fabrique (Fr.2013) and Mois Multi (Qc. 2018), among others.

She has been a member since 2013, during the development of the project La musique de tout le monde. For her, DARE-DARE's projects and calls are always very inspiring because they support and produce contextual projects that promote encounters and contribute to renewing our relationship to the city and its inhabitants.

Projects of Magali Babin

  • Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques

    Villa — véhicule d’arts actuels et numériques
    Spontaneous support

    DARE-DARE hosts Villa, the contemporary art truck supported by Verticale Centre d'artiste.

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  • Festive launch

    Festive launch
    EVERYONE'S MUSIC - 5 to 9

    LAUNCH 5 @ 9 AT THE ROULOTTE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1st Everybody's Music, an interdisciplinary project by Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton, began in August 2013. It consisted in approaching the residents of the Habitations Jeanne-Mance (HJM) complex in order to carry out several sound projects.

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    To increase and refine its field of action, DARE-DARE innovates this year and grafts a punctual radio component to its programming.

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  • Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton

    Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton

    In this ambitious project, the artists Magali Babin and Sylvie Cotton will collect the first names of every person living in the HJM, creating a unique soundtrack from the collection.

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  • PASSEPORT 2013

    PASSEPORT 2013
    fundraising activity

    PASSEPORT DARE-DARE is a fundraising activity that encourages collaboration between commercial and artistic communities within the visual art community.

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